Drought update

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The Press Enterprise shares interesting news on the drought and it’s effects on water recreations.

DROUGHT: Pools, water slides not affected by conservation mandate

“We’ve had to make some adjustments but besides the landscaping aesthetics, our guests […]

Employee of the Decades

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It has been said a company is only as good as the people who run it. This includes everyone involved .

Mark Baxter is the operations Manager here at Poolscape Unlimited. He coordinates the projects, the […]

Choosing your Contractor

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As a first step, I recommend asking friends and family if they might know of someone who offers the kind of services your looking for. The critical question would be: were they happy with their […]

What should you know about your contract?

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Your contract should stipulate start and finish dates, payment schedules and a complete job description.

At Poolscape Unlimited we typically never require a down payment.  We only ask for payment on completed phases during the process. […]

Pool remodeling 101

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To better understand the process of remodeling your pool once you’ve chosen our contractor and have a appropriate written agreement in place, here is the sequence of events that you would expect in order. you […]