It has been said a company is only as good as the people who run it. This includes everyone involved .

Mark Baxter is the operations Manager here at Poolscape Unlimited. He coordinates the projects, the logistics and the materials.

Mark has been with Poolscape for over 25 years. I actually have known Mark since our high school  years.  Mark like myself started in our trade in the trenches doing the actual work. He truly knows our trade.

Mark is one of those rare folks who treats the company he works for  as his own, he has never taken outside interests and never  misses work unless its for a much needed vacation. In fact over the years many people have thought that Mark owns the company.  This is what I call taking ownership in his position.   I trust this man to all ends and for these reasons I name Mark
Baxter employee of the Decades!

Kirk Chapman,President
Poolscape Unlimited Inc