New swimming pool and spa plastering:

Poolscape Unlimited partners with residential and commercial swimming pool contractors and builders to provide professional plastering, tiling and repair services for new and existing pools and spas.  Our  broad variety of finishes, tiling, decking and coping options allow us to offer a full service approach to any project.

One of the most exciting developments has been in the area of color and other additives such as pebbles, glass beads and abalone. These elements add sparkle and color intensity to your outdoor living space.

Re-plastering and repairs:

Even with the best of care the finish of your swimming pool and spa will show signs of wear at some point. Materials and installation methods have vastly improved over the years in terms of durability and finish choices.

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For more information regarding finishes read or download our brochures:

The Designer Series brochure

The Radiant Fusion Series brochure

The Gemstone and Sandstone Series brochure

The Commercial Blends Series brochure

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Gemstone Pools site.