How do I check the status your contractor’s license number?2016-05-19T21:37:44+00:00

Our Contractor’s License number is #494837. Go to this link and check out the status of our license: Contractor’s State License Board

Do we build pools from scratch?2015-08-03T23:25:50+00:00

No, much of our business comes from the “pool builders” who hire us for our expertise. Out of respect for them we do not compete with them building pools.

We are the “finish carpenters”  of the swimming pool world. We specialize in everything you see on a pool. Custom pool interior finishes, tile, coping and masonry work.

Our biggest focus is renovating existing swimming pools and spas. We alter depth, ad baja shelves and step configurations. We also bring plumbing and equipment systems up to date.

How long has Poolscape Unlimited been in business?2015-08-03T23:27:28+00:00

We are  going on our 33rd year in business. We run our business by the “Golden Rule” and it is what We attribute our successes to.

No one in our business lasts this long unless they are running a reliable, legitimate business. Poolscape Unlimited is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and that goes for everyone we send into your back yard.

Does Poolscape Unlimited use sub-contractors?2015-04-30T18:04:07+00:00

All our work is done in house. Since our trade is very specialized we will only contract for what we know and are geared up for.

At Poolscape Unlimited, if there are any out-of-scope tasks that require expertise we do not have in-house, we bring in a referral contractor for you to work with directly. Working directly with an expert in the field will save you money and produce excellent results. We always work with the same team of contractors, and have collaborated with them on many projects, so coordination is never a problem.

How long does a project take?2015-08-03T23:35:59+00:00

Historically our business load seems to stock pile in the spring. It seems most folks don’t think about their pools until the weather warms up.

In the winter, when our workload is lighter, it is not uncommon to complete a project in a weeks time. Usually it all depends on the scope of the project. More comprehensive projects of course, require a longer time-frame.

The typical range is anywhere between one and four weeks for completion.

All steps, from draining to treating the new water, are also included in our price.

I’m looking for a specific water color, how do I choose?2015-04-30T17:52:28+00:00

Pool water color has many determinants, the type and pigment color in your finish, the landscape and hardscape surrounding your pool, lighting and time of day, depth and shape of pool and even water conditions. The water color in your pool will be unique to your pool and often changing based on these underlying factors. As a general rule of thumb for a blue water color choose a finish that is white, grey, blue or black. The darker the color the deeper blue you will achieve. To achieve a green water color use a finish that has green, brown or tan hues. Our gallery can be helpful tool to help you choose a pool finish that helps you achieve the water color you are looking for.