Drought update

The Press Enterprise shares interesting news on the drought and it's effects on water recreations. DROUGHT: Pools, water slides not affected by conservation mandate “We’ve had to make some adjustments but besides the landscaping aesthetics, our guests won’t notice any difference,”Wischmeyer said. A season’s average water use at Raging Waters is the same as an [...]

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Choosing your Contractor

As a first step, I recommend asking friends and family if they might know of someone who offers the kind of services your looking for. The critical question would be: were they happy with their services? Another approach would be to search out services via the Internet . Once you have your list of prospective contractors, investigate [...]

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What should you know about your contract?

Your contract should stipulate start and finish dates, payment schedules and a complete job description. At Poolscape Unlimited we typically never require a down payment.  We only ask for payment on completed phases during the process. Beware of anyone asking for a substantial sum of money up front. It's usually a sign that they need [...]

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Pool remodeling 101

To better understand the process of remodeling your pool once you've chosen our contractor and have a appropriate written agreement in place, here is the sequence of events that you would expect in order. you can also visit our Process page to view step by step images from actual projects. Drainage. The pool water should [...]

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