Poolscape Unlimited offers the full range of pool and spa re-plastering and renovation services. This includes anything from restoring the functionality of an older or damaged pool, to giving your swimming pool and or spa a makeover or adding a new feature such as a Baja shelf or water feature.

Interior Finishes

Our complete line of pool interiors come from 30 years of involvement in our industry, research and continued exchange between some of the top pool finish contractors in the nation. Choose from the cost effective and smooth Commercial Quartz plaster finish or a full line of ultra resilient Gemstone pebble pool finishes in a wide variety of beautiful textures and colors.

Poolscape Unlimited Interior Finish Samples

Gemstone Commercial Quartz Blend, Micro Fusion, Radiant Fusion, Gemstone, Sandstone, Designer Gemstone, Gemstone enhanced with Pebble Radiance.