As drought concerns continue to be a prominent issue in San Diego County we are becoming increasingly aware of the concerns customers have regarding the cost of draining and refilling their swimming pools when it comes time to remodel or repair. We have done our best to be in constant communication with the many water districts in the county to make sure we are well informed on these issues. At this time we have found that there are no penalties or fees associated with draining or refilling pools but if the conservation levels continue to rise new penalties may be implemented. For most water districts, water usage rates are based on a tiered structure; the more water you use the higher the cost per unit. Refilling a swimming pool could possibly put you in a higher usage tier, however, the additional costs are usually minimal. Below we have provided links to all the water district pages where you can find the rates and tiered structures for your particular district as well as any information on new fees and penalties in the future. For additional help on cost calculation we have included a link for helping calculate the volume of your swimming pool. For cost purposes 1 unit of water is equal to 748 gallons of water.

Pool volume

San Diego County Water Districts:

Carlsbad Municipal Water District

City of Del Mar

City of Escondido

Fallbrook Public Utility District

Helix Water District

Lakeside Water District

City of Oceanside

Olivenhain Municipal Water District

Otay Water District

Padre Dam Municipal Water District

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

City of Poway

Rainbow Municipal Water District

Ramona Municipal Water District

Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District

City of San Diego

San Dieguito Water District

Santa Fe Irrigation District

Sweetwater Authority (includes National City and South Bay Irrigation District)

Vallecitos Water District

Valley Center Municipal Water District

Vista Irrigation District

Yuima Municipal Water District

Pool Service Tech link - Logo recycle symbol with sun and seaAdditionally we work closely with a company, Pool Services Technologies, Inc., which offers an alternative to dumping your swimming pools water (20,000 gallons on average), which needs to be done every 2-3 years. They preform a process that runs your existing pool water through a Reverse Osmosis (among other filtration membranes) system that helps retain roughly 85% of your existing water. This means on a 20,000 gallon pool, you save 17,000 gallons of dumped water along with the 20,000 gallons that would be needed to refill your swimming pool if it had been dumped. With almost 10,000 pools in San Diego county alone, that is a HUGE amount of water we can save. Please click on the logo and check out more information on Pool Services Technologies, Inc., and this process.